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About Innerspire

Innerspire is a business consulting, coaching and training company serving clients globally. Our focus is to help our clients get massively productive, focused and consistent at helping more people through discovering and sharing the very best solutions.   By “removing the limiting label” of the marketplace our clients watch new doors and opportunities open wide.  It’s a company focused on changing how people do business – by tapping into their true calling and Ultimate GIFTS and doing what they said they were going to do.  It’s a simple, yet profound concept that’s changing the game from asking, “What can I get?” to “How may I serve?” and building strong, long-term, caring and giving relationships.
At its earliest stages, in 2007, Innerspire was a coaching program incubated from within a Marketing Company named Varuna Design & Advertising, that had been thriving as a full-service firm since 1997 which grew from an illustration and design firm, sprouted from a tiny “basement operation” in 1991.  
When Nate realized that many of his clients were buying marketing as “shiny things” or “quick fixes” … with high hopes that they’d solve serious business challenges – he recognized a deeper need for coaching and guidance.  Through the development of his “Innerspire Coaching” system – he found himself refusing marketing projects from some very surprised clients who he noticed were just guessing and gambling with their money – rather than addressing root-cause problems in their companies.  It was challenging to grow this segment of the business at first – because so much of what business coaches and mentors were teaching had become symptom management and their solutions looked (as Nate describes), “so flashy, new age and exciting”.  He states, “Everyone wanted websites, dot-coms, new logos, fancy brochures and big (often empty) promises… but few were asking the right questions.”   
Today, Innerspire is made up of a team of several dozen brilliant business minds from all segments of business building.  The company’s programs have become instrumental in helping thousands of business owners gain traction and freedom where they’d previously remained stuck and frustrated.  

Featured training programs include:

  • The Minimalist CEO™ – Predictable Demand Method™ – Eliminate Competition Through The 7 “New Demand” Goldmines Matrix
  • The One Focus Power Sytsem™ – Turning Chaos Into One Project and A Handful Of Rituals
  • The GIFTS® Formula – The Ultimate Business and Life Results Creation System – Tap Into Your True Calling
  • The Excuse Removal Blueprint™ – Turn Your Greatest Obstacles Into Your Launchpad For Success

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If you’re hungry for answers and would enjoy jumping on a strategy call directly with Nate or one of our business momentum specialists, just click the button below and share some information about yourself so we can get in touch. The good news is that on the call our only goal is to help you get clarity and learn how to implement The Minimalist CEO Method into your business to get that momentum you need. And, if there’s a sense that we can help you move forward faster, maybe we can even share what working together might look like. That will only come up if you ask. Regardless, let’s get you moving forward!

The Minimalist CEO Podcast

Joe Gillikin: From Baseball Pro to Business Pro-Teams Win!

A successful Chicago White Sox minor league baseball player, Joe Gillikin knows how to bring a team together as he does with his company, AdvantaClean in Oklahoma City. Joe is a successful business owner who has learned to delegate and partner with others to grow his company to over a one-million-dollar yearly revenue business.

Laurel Sagen: How this Female Carpenter Let Go to Grow!

Laurel Sagen, owner of Laurel Buys Houses, is a licensed contractor and private real estate investor in Sacramento. In today’s episode, she honestly shares her unfortunate failures and how she made her way back to success. For over 20 years, Laurel has helped thousands of people by buying their home-no matter the condition or situation. Her work has been featured on HGTV and multiple home tours.

Ami Feller: The Roofer Chick Turnaround Story

Ami Feller has gone through all the difficulties of running a business. She first started in the roofing business as her brother’s helper and worked her way to be the crew chief. The company moved from Iowa to Texas and learned first-hand about the market differences that made them, “almost bankrupt.”

David Indursky: Empower your Team and be Good to Everyone

David Indursky, President of ENCON, started at the ground level of the family business doing every chore and entry level task assigned to him. Those early days prepared him from running a $5-million company in 2000 to growing it to over $35-million.

Austin Massey: Making His New Cafe "Pandemic Proof"

Austin Massey is one of the owners of Viator Coffee Co. and the General Manager of their downtown Elgin location. With over 15 years in the food service industry, and a degree in Hospitality Management from Harper College in Palatine, IL., Austin brings all of his experience into running his business at the highest caliber

Frank Farmer: From Physician To Genuine Sales Wizard

Frank Farmer is the founder and President of American Metal Roofs (AMR) based in Michigan. Trained as a physician, Frank has used his medical knowledge to develop methods of analyzing a home’s health. In that process, he gathers information that is crucial for an impactful and profitable sales presentation. In 2013, Frank was appointed to the Board of Governors for the Home Improvement Professional Executive Council (HIPEC).