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“When you become a Minimalist CEO, you cut away waste, stop all the junk food marketing and rip of the labels that cause competition.  It makes business a refreshing and exciting adventure!” 

– Nate Lindquist

1 to 1, Group & Event Based Programs

Please note: The course material is delivered digitally online and also offers 1 to 1 and group mentoring.

Building a business is challenging and as entrepreneurs we work hard to create products, services and well-oiled business systems that will make others look up and say, “that’s for me!”…  At Innerspire, we’ve realized that during the lifecycle of this business building process there are often stages of conflict where as owners we move from survival to stability and then stability to success… But what happens when the struggle begins and we aren’t sure what to do? Have you ever run into this yourself?

Want to overcome these problems for good?

  • Sales and revenue aren’t growing and have become inconsistent
  • You’re constantly pulled in hundreds of directions – and progress has slowed to a halt
  • The constant competition forces you into a “just one option of many” traffic jam
  • You’re wasting time and money on marketing, but buyers aren’t buying
  • You’re missing your kids events as you try to “double down”
  • Something is missing… but, you aren’t sure what
If any of this sounds like you, then, we’d love to help!  Why? Because we’ve been there.

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If you’re hungry for answers and would enjoy jumping on a strategy call directly with Nate or one of our business momentum specialists, just click the button below and share some information about yourself so we can get in touch.  The good news is that on the call our only goal is to help you get clarity and learn how to implement The Minimalist CEO Method into your business to get that momentum you need.  And, if there’s a sense that we can help you move forward faster, maybe we can even share what working together might look like.  That will only come up if you ask.  Regardless, let’s get you moving forward!