Nate Lindquist

CEO/Founder – Innerspire®, Inc.,

The Minimalist CEO

The GIFTS Formula® Business Mentor, Philanthropist, Venture Investor

Everybody has amazing GIFTS!

Stay fascinated with the needs of others and your business will become a world class helping adventure – that gives you life!

Nate Lindquist is the CEO and founder of Innerspire, Inc.

For more than 3 decades Nate has worked with business owners helping them make the necessary changes in their business to unlock the inspiration, profit and consistent success amidst the challenges of being an entrepreneur. He is a mentor and turnaround specialist and has helped dozens of business owners re-launch their companies from near bankruptcy – often helping the owners discover surprisingly valuable resources and opportunities hidden right inside the puzzle of their current over-practiced, malnourished business model.

After building his business in his teens, Nate grew a number of companies from scratch – arriving at a place where he had lost touch with his own gifts and deeper purpose – and it drove him to a moment of serious financial loss – not to mention dangerous struggles with his health and personal life. Given the chance to hear the story of his astonishing turning point – you’ll be inspired and ready to take a closer look at your own business.

Watch for opportunities to hear Nate speak at any of his business and life success events and you’ll have access to a potentially life-changing moment!

Nate resides with his family and children in the suburbs of Chicago.

Nate has successfully executed over 40 turnarounds and counting helping companies go from struggle and near bankruptcy to hitting 7 figures within just a year or 2... some even hitting 8 figures!

  • Creator of The Minimalist CEO™ Predictable Demand Method™ – which gives business owners a paint-by-number roadmap to eliminating any competition and causing buyers to line up for your services, before wasting a penny on marketing.
  • Creator of Overflow For Success™ – A world class training for business owners where 100% of the proceeds go to charity.
  • He’s created 16 charitable outreach programs (and counting) – many of which have become annual giving events to help children and families in need – including “We Build It Forward™, Restore It Forward™, Fuel It Forward™, Unite Build Change™, A Child’s Eyes™ Child Advocacy Support, Scare The Fear Away™ – Child Advocacy Support and many more…
  • Directly consulted for Barnes and Noble, Velcro USA, Disney and Putnam…and hundreds of small businesses at all levels. (and thousands through his programs)
  • He speaks to business owners, leaders, CEO’s and start-ups on the global stage – helping them lock in his simple and proven approach to business success.
  • He’s helped generate more than $200million in business for his clients, who serve millions of customers around the world!
  • He’s the author of the bestselling book “Excuse Removal Blueprint” – How to Turn Your Greatest Obstacles Into Your Launchpad For Success!
  • He’s also launched over 300 businesses (and counting)!